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Malta Digital Exchange Shifts its Operations to Malta Stock Exchange Site

The main motive of Malta Digital Exchange was to boost effectiveness and thereby, make use of a trading system that is blockchain-based to reduce the costs. The exchange is planning to integrate the complete spectrum of services offered by the exchange which will consist of settlement, listing, be in charge of AML/KYC and processes, execution, […]

Paying Through Cryptocurrencies for Coffee is Becoming True

It might now be possible to pay for coffee with the help of cryptocurrency and Starbucks is making this possible. Starbucks which is a famous coffee chain store will begin to take digital currency as payments by the end of this year. The news is that Starbucks and Bakkt are going to form an alliance […]

Liberty Ecosystem has been Designed to Battle Against Authoritarianism

Liberty Ecosystem is a network that is blockchain-based which has been designed to combat against authoritarianism which has been an increasing problem. Liberty Ecosystem is an organization that is a decentralized federation of local advocacy which helps in economic development. Liberty Ecosystem has been designed to fight the problem of authoritarianism in the Asia-Pacific region […]

Chinese Crypto Miner Predicts That Bitcoin Could Reach $740K

China is viewed as a standout amongst the essential players in the cryptographic money market. The choices of the Chinese government influence the whole business; however digital forms of money and Bitcoin are in a problematic position as far as directions. Chinese cryptographic money laws are quite strict. Money related foundations are restricted from utilizing […]

Pantera Capital CEO’s Thoughts About the current Bitcoin Bear Market

The CEO of bitcoin investment firm Pantera Capital, Dan Morehead, says everyone needs to relax about the current Crypto Winter. He also reminded about the past where the crypto space had witnessed similar bear markets before. Morehead reminded the myopic industry that the crypto space had weathered similar bear markets before, and this one well […]

TRON Increases by Over 100% in 1 Month

During the past 30 days, the valuation of the cryptocurrency market has dropped from $138 billion to $114 billion. The value is reduced by $24 billion. Yet, even in such a bear market, TRON recovered from $0.0127 to $0.0264, by a difference of 107 percent. From December 17, within just five weeks, the Tron price […]

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