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Trade99 is one of the most popular trading platforms around the globe. It not only offers you a wide range of trading instruments to choose from but also make the trading experience more convenient by offering a number of trading applications. This facility allows traders to trade from the place and time of their choice, making the trading experience at Trade99 seamless. At present, Trade99 offers the following trading applications to traders: Android trading app, iPhone trading app, and Tablet trading.

Android app and iPhone app

If you get the smartphone that is based on the Android platform, the Android trading app is going to help you remain updated about all the happenings in the trading world. This trading app provides you all the features of trading that are available on Webtrader of Trade99 and gives you the freedom to trade from your smartphone. The convenience is particularly suitable for new-age investors who would like to do most of their trading from smartphones. Just like the Android platform, Trade99 has got the application for iPhone users too, allowing users to enjoy the convenience of trading anywhere and anytime. The best thing about these smartphone applications is that they do not compromise on features, and you get access to all tools and techniques that are available on Webtrader.

Tablet Trading

Even if you want to trade on your Tablet, you can do so using the platform specifically developed by the company for Tablet devices. The advantage of using this platform is that you get a bit bigger screen compared to a smartphone and yet, it is as handy as the other mobile devices. This combination of the larger screen and being handy makes the tablet as popular trading device among the investor. You can enjoy the wide range of features, tools, and techniques on Tablet as available on the Webtrader.

Convenience Redefined

The convenience of trading from anywhere and anytime is one of the most significant advantages that Trade99 provides to its traders. This is especially true for young investors who take pride in their knowledge of technology and for them; these applications hold a lot of significance. From the Trade99’s perspective, these applications symbolize its concern for the customer and new-age solutions it can deliver to customers. In order to support the installation and working of the applications, Trade99 has very responsive customer live support, which is always ready to help you with any of the concerned issues.


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