Why Choose Trade99 as a Preferred Crypto Trading Platform?


Of course, there are many crypto exchanges out there who are making a lot of noise regarding crypto trading features. Then why should one opt for Trade99 as a preferred crypto trading platform? The answer is many-fold and will be discussed in this article.


MetaTrader5 is a highly advanced and very useful feature that allows the active crypto traders to up their game to several notches.

  • This trading platform is packed with advanced trading features that include professional support for trading in various financial trading, crypto leveraged trading, crypto exchanges, future markets, and so on.
  • It is one platform that enables the user to have 24/7 trading experience regardless of the user’s location.
  • Other features include a pool of trading robots, constant support of strategy supporters, VPS (a virtual hosting service), and copy trading.
  • It can also function independently on the trader’s behalf with the help of trading robots and trading signals.
  • It is also a meticulous feature that offers a tick chart to the users that includes the time of sales, sales information, the numbering of orders, execution modes (netting mode and hedging method), and so on. Netting mode is useful for the exchange market, whereas, the hedging mode is useful for leveraged cryptocurrency trading.

All these features get going at just one click of the user. Set the instructions and your trading priorities, and you are good to go.

A platform for all

Whether you are a novice when it comes to the crypto sphere or you are a proud holder of several years of crypto trading experience and pursue crypto trading, Trade99 has something to offer to all kinds of traders and investors. The platform pays close attention to the needs of the users and understands them like a friend, that is why it offers-

  • Leveraged Cryptocurrency Trading

This feature offers the user freedom of trading by allowing the user to trade freely without having to own the cryptocurrency or any related asset. This gives a sense of confidence to the user to learn the intricacies of the trade without feeling burdened about the ownership of the crypto.

  1. Not only this, in a way, the user is safeguarded from the price turbulence in the market given the user doesn’t have to purchase or sell any actually owned instrument.
  2. Further, the price fluctuation is calculated based on the original price at which the leveraged cryptocurrencies or asset was first purchased.
  3. The third factor to consider is that of the short position. When a user sells at an on-going price, later on, the user can enjoy the comfort of buy at a lesser price as well.


  • Trade99 offers five types of leveraged cryptocurrencies trading. They are Soft Commodities Trading, Precious metals Trading, Indices, Energy Commodities, and last but not the least- Cryptocurrency trading.

Trade99 offers a good range of Trading routes

Trade99 understands how busy everyday life has become. To make crypto trading simpler and more efficient, the platform offers traders a good range of flexibility in choosing devices to trade from. At the comfort of your mobile, or from your desktop, Trade99 has covered it all. Following are the trading options-

  • Android Trading App,
  • Tablet trading, and
  • iPhone Trading App.

The world famous customer service

Trade99 is famous for this feature. It is a user-centric platform that prioritizes the users at any cost. For them, no question is too small to be ignored. It is this attitude of this platform that is backed by years of experience and thorough professional expertise in the crypto sphere and trading overall, which sets it apart from the rat race. As an example, it offers educational sessions for the users to up their crypto knowledge to perform better in the trading game. When such are the care levels, do you need any more convincing on why should you choose Trade99 as a preferred crypto trading platform?




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