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Forex Trading in Malaysia: An Exploration of Opportunities and Risks
Forex trading in Malaysia: An exploration of opportunities and risks

In Malaysia, forex trading has become more popular over the years, and individuals are taking advantage of prospective opportunities and profits this market can provide. Traders should be aware that with any investment, there are risks with forex trading. These risks should be taken into consideration before making any trading decisions. Traders should research and […]

Does Bitcoin Cash have a future?
Binance to support the Bitcoin Cash network upgrade; Will BCH go up?

Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced its support for the upcoming Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network upgrade.  In an official statement, Binance declared it would suspend BCH deposits and withdrawals at 12:00 AM (UTC) on May 15th, 2023. Trading of BCH on the platform will continue uninterrupted. The network upgrade is set […]

Kristin Johnson urges Congress to revisit CFTC
Kristin Johnson urges Congress to revisit CFTC

Customers of FTX better identify with those who say they need protection following the debacle that has come to light in recent months. Kristin Johnson seems to have found the perfect time to finally ask for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to be given more power to protect crypto customers. According to the Commissioner, there […]

World News
Post Hours-Long Speed House Delays Voting on Biden's $1.75 Trillion Bill
Post Hours-Long Speed House Delays Voting on Biden’s $1.75 Trillion Bill

The House of Representatives has postponed a vote on President Joe Biden’s social spending fund bill of $1.75 trillion until Friday, after Kevin McCarthy, Republican House Minority Leader, delivered an hour-long speech. After the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), an impartial adjudicator provided a cost estimate of the plan, which Democrats indicated they required before voting, […]

Market Data
FDA Approval Spurs Nasdaq to Cross All-Time High
FDA Approval Spurs Nasdaq to Cross All-Time High

Wall Street exhibited a huge surge on Monday. The Nasdaq rallied and crossed the all-time high. The reason was FDA’s full approval to the Pfizer vaccine.  All major stock indexes of the U.S., including the S&P 500 were seen showing sharp highs while closing. However, S&P 500  couldn’t mark a record-high at the close.  The […]

Bitcoin: Things to Know Before Investing
Bitcoin: Things to Know Before Investing

There are very few people who haven’t heard about cryptocurrency, crypto trading, and Bitcoin. The reason is that these three terms have been trending every day, and they continue to affect trading. Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency that has changed the dynamics of crypto trading and trading in general. It is a decentralized digital currency […]

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