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Bitcoin Actually Need to Be Used as a Currency
Bitcoin: Is it a Currency or an Asset?

The Bitcoin Revolution is on our doorstep. The cryptocurrency has strengthened its position against the dollar and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has put the focus back of the crypto sphere. Digital coins are presenting themselves as a credible alternative to fiat currencies, although it is still a long way before mass adoption of cryptocurrencies will […]

Importance of Cryptocurrency Bots for Trading Practices
Cryptocurrency Bots and Their Significance for Trading Practices

Cryptocurrency, as a financial asset, is very volatile in nature. We know the daily upheaval that rocks the prices of digital coins. This volatility is something that investors try to control to make more money; however, the limitation of time and efforts keep them from making optimal decisions every day. Cryptocurrency Bots And this is […]

Cryptojacking: Learn About the Evil Side of Cryptocurrency Industry

Introduction With the increasing frenzy around cryptocurrency, there seems to be an infiltration of cybercriminals as well. In the form of cryptojacking, they have been carrying out the illegal act surreptitiously. And this is certainly a cause of concern given the huge amount of money invested in this trade. So what is this Cryptojacking? It […]

Everything That You Need to Know About Privacy Coins
Everything That You Need to Know About Privacy Coins

Among the many attractive attributes that have drawn people to cryptocurrencies and made it popular, privacy and anonymity feature at the top of everything. These two very essential and most coveted components allowing users to retain their identities and transactions private assures people in an otherwise corrupted scenario. Cryptocurrencies, when started, based its identity on […]

Cryptocurrency Makes the Best Choice
Reasons Why Cryptocurrency the Best Choice for Casino Operators

The emerging popularity of cryptocurrency has led to the rise of an ever-growing business of gambling and online casinos. The ease of payments, along with the transparency and security that digital assets provide make them the best choice for casino operators. In fact, casino operators are now thinking of transforming the existing traditional currency-based systems […]

Cryptocurrency Payment Trend to Pick Up in 2020
Cryptocurrency Payment Trend to Pick Up in 2020: Are You Ready?

In an increasingly competitive business scenario, organizations are working hard to attract new customers while delivering a better value proposition to the existing ones. In addition to products or services, we are witnessing innovations in a variety of other value chain activities such as quick delivery, competitive pricing, and eye-catching advertisement campaign. Now with the […]

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