Kristin Johnson urges Congress to revisit CFTC

Kristin Johnson urges Congress to revisit CFTC

Customers of FTX better identify with those who say they need protection following the debacle that has come to light in recent months. Kristin Johnson seems to have found the perfect time to finally ask for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to be given more power to protect crypto customers.

According to the Commissioner, there is currently no parallel between the markets that are intermediated and not intermediated, or disintermediated. There is a restriction stopping the agency from moving ahead to take action before things go wrong, thereby affecting crypto customers.

Since it is likely to speed the community’s adoption of the innovation, the industry may choose to examine it closely. Customers have refrained from entering the crypto sphere due to the need for recognition and regulation. This indirectly exposes them to financial danger.

This is evident from the FTX situation, which may be briefly clarified by noting that the exchange instantly blocked withdrawals, preventing clients from recovering their funds. This significantly impacted a huge number of users, particularly those with proportionally more significant amounts of funds locked in their FTX accounts. What started as a liquidity problem has now become a matter of financial mismanagement.

Johnson, a Democratic Commissioner, has interacted with fellow Commissioners to seek their input and support in the matter. Other divisions have also been asked to consider the differences between both market structures—intermediate and non-intermediate.

She recently held a press conference to urge Futures Commission Merchants to segregate their customers’ assets to protect their interests more effectively. The Berkeley Law press conference also underlined Kristin’s statement that legislation must be examined so that a solution can be created to introduce a parallel between the two market structures for the protection of clients currently in the non-intermediated space.

Indeed, FTX has abandoned the customer, and the entire industry is pondering how to regain the customers’ faith. The collapse of FTX has also raised the potential that anything can occur, regardless of how a crypto venture portrays itself as protecting its customers.

A case study that helps Kristin Johnson strengthen her position is LedgerX. It was bought by FTX in 2021; a lot earlier, it announced the liquidity crunch issue. Johnson has put forward her point by saying that the agency had absolutely no authority to be a part of the sale approval process in advance.

This must be reconsidered because early intervention may have examined the reasons for halting the acquisition. While FTX is down in the middle of the survival fight, LedgerX is searching for a finger to hang onto while on the final island, which is in danger of drowning. It sounds dangerous, but that is the situation right now.

CFTC needs to have more authority to review the non-intermediate market. A parallel between both could bring them together on a single page to help customers understand how things work and feel safe knowing that their funds are not going anywhere.

Johnson wishes Congress to prioritize giving the CFTC authority to conduct due diligence on firms looking to buy other registered firms. A bill that could not make its way back for discussion is the Digital Commodities Consumer Protection Act, also known as DCCPA.


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