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Crypto-linked Stocks Plunge After Musk's Tweet
Crypto-linked Stocks Plunge After Musk’s Tweet

The crypto community was startled recently when Elon Musk let out a tweet regarding Bitcoin use. As per the tweet, Tesla is suspending vehicle purchases with BTC. The tweet continued stating that the company is concerned about fossil fuel consumption during Bitcoin transactions and mining. The processes use resources like coal, which oozes the worst […]

List of the Ways to Cashout Bitcoin
6 Dependable Methods to Convert Bitcoin Into Cash

Introduction With bitcoin’s popularity soaring high, businesses worldwide gradually embrace bitcoins as the future medium of exchange. Forex brokers also allow traders to trade Bitcoin against their preferred fiat currencies that necessitate bitcoin conversion into cash. There are various ways to convert bitcoin into cash (fiat currencies like INR, USD, EUR, and GDP, etc.). Before […]

Bitcoin Mining Beginners Guide
Understanding Bitcoin Mining- All You Need to Know

Crypto mining is pretty costly, meticulous, and occasionally rewarding. However, mining has an appeal that attracts many since cryptocurrency miners get rewarded for what they do with crypto tokens. Bitcoin mining refers to the procedure of verifying every Bitcoin transaction and recording it in a public blockchain ledger. The Bitcoin users verify every transaction in […]

Dogecoin (DOGE) News
Dogecoin Crosses Above $0.0100 After 2 Years of Trading Flat

Dogecoin is believed to have a concurrent momentum with that of the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and this time this is not less than any legit truth, given Dogecoin’s price momentum and recent high that the coin had hit at $0.0137. The long bullish candle of DOGE on the 7-day chart against the US Dollar led […]

Press Release
Buying Bitcoin via Credit Card is Easy & Secure with Coinitix
Buying Bitcoin via Credit Card is Easy & Secure with Coinitix

The surging growth of cryptocurrencies worldwide has driven the demand for secure decentralized exchange platforms. People are showing significant interest in crypto trading, particularly to buy high-value and profitable digital assets, such as Bitcoin, Monera, and Ethereum. To help the masses adopt these digital currencies, the Coinitix platform is offering its cryptocurrency exchange services. With […]

Rates & Bonds
Real Interest Rates vs. Nominal Interest Rates
Difference between Real Interest Rates vs. Nominal Interest Rates

FX Forex is the global marketplace where currencies of numerous nations are traded. The forex is not only the largest market but also the most liquid in the world. More than trillions of dollars change hands daily. The Forex marketplace is an electronic network without a centralized location and includes brokers, banks, institutions, and individual […]

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