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Post Hours-Long Speed House Delays Voting on Biden's $1.75 Trillion Bill
Post Hours-Long Speed House Delays Voting on Biden’s $1.75 Trillion Bill

The House of Representatives has postponed a vote on President Joe Biden’s social spending fund bill of $1.75 trillion until Friday, after Kevin McCarthy, Republican House Minority Leader, delivered an hour-long speech. After the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), an impartial adjudicator provided a cost estimate of the plan, which Democrats indicated they required before voting, […]

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El Salvador Committee to Investigate the Government's Bitcoin Purchases
El Salvador Committee to Investigate the Government’s Bitcoin Purchases

According to an official document, El Salvador’s Court of Accounts, controlling the country’s public resources, will look into a complaint regarding the government’s Bitcoin purchases and the building of cryptocurrency ATM kiosks. El Salvador became the first governing country in the world to recognize Bitcoin as legal money earlier this month, a move championed by […]

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WHO Cautions Against Despair as World Clocks 20M Coronavirus Cases
WHO Cautions Against Despair as World Clocks 20M Coronavirus Cases

The coronavirus pandemic, it seems, leaves no stone unturned to give us one shocking news after another. On Monday, a horrific milestone came into limelight as the world crossed 20 million cases of infection from the tiny virus that has stalled healthy life in every inch of the planet. As per the latest reports, the […]

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Online Casinos Are Making Money
How Do Online Casinos Make Their Money?

When you think about the online gambling industry and Bitcoin casinos, we have heard people winning huge bets and on the contrary, we have heard stories of losses as well. There are online games like Texas Hold’em Poker, roulette, card games, table games and slot machines where they offer exciting rewards and bonuses. The questions […]

World News
Euro Prime Reliable Trading Platforms
Euro Prime – One of The Most Reliable Trading Platforms

Trading in the financial market is surrounded by volatility and to ensure the profit a trustable trading platform is needed. Many fraudulent online brokers enhance the uncertainty of the financial market. Luckily, Euro Prime is not one of them. Euro Prime is an online brokerage firm that is operated by IOS investment Ltd – a […]

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