Buying Bitcoin via Credit Card is Easy & Secure with Coinitix

Buying Bitcoin via Credit Card is Easy & Secure with Coinitix

The surging growth of cryptocurrencies worldwide has driven the demand for secure decentralized exchange platforms. People are showing significant interest in crypto trading, particularly to buy high-value and profitable digital assets, such as Bitcoin, Monera, and Ethereum. To help the masses adopt these digital currencies, the Coinitix platform is offering its cryptocurrency exchange services.

With the launch of Coinitix in 2020, people will now get access to a simple yet reliable solution to their online cryptocurrency transactions. Coinitix is an advanced currency exchange platform that supports payments made in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The platform is packed with all the latest features that help a seamless transaction of your digital money into fiat currencies, and vice versa. Coinitix aims to help users buy Bitcoins with credit cards easily and securely. 

What Coinitix Offers?

According to the official announcement by Coinitix, the platform is designed to create a unique environment for driving the adoption of Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies. With its services, Coinitix abridges the technical difficulties surrounding crypto transactions, fiat currency exchange, and Bitcoin trading. 

Coinitix also serves as a digital wallet to store its users’ crypto wealth with high-end blockchain security and multi-layered data encryption. All the user activities conducted on the platform are enveloped under this robust security. It makes Coinitix one of the most secure crypto exchange platforms in the world. It caters to the global cryptocurrency user community by supporting payments across a wide variety of digital currencies. It further assists businesses, entrepreneurs, merchants, and traders in managing their payments, procuring new customers, and offering their products & services to digital consumer space. As a technology solution, Coinitix is the latest game-changer in the cryptocurrency industry. It is not only boosting the utility of digital transactions but also enabling users to make crypto payments and become stakeholders in the decentralized ecosystems of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several other cryptocurrencies. 

Key Features of Coinitix

Coinitix has unveiled a variety of features offered to users on its platform. The following features detail the benefits that users can experience in their cryptocurrency activities.

  • User convenience: The Coinitix platform is built with a simple UI. The overall navigation on the platform is unidirectional, supporting a smart user experience. 
  • Transactional security: The currency exchange is protected by the latest blockchain security protocols. The transactional data generated in buying, selling or exchanging Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies stay safe at all endpoints. The platform is also compliant with the latest PCI security standards to protects credit card information.
  • Superfast performance: Coinitix offers superfast payouts. Exchanging or withdrawing digital assets in fiat currencies can be executed within a couple of clicks. 
  • Easy sign-up process: It takes only three steps to get started with Coinitix. Users can register their email address and create a Coinitix account. With instant online verification, the account gets access to the features. By adding funds to this account, users can buy Bitcoins and expand their digital financial assets. 
  • Technology support: The platform accepts all leading credit cards to help users worldwide buy Bitcoin. Coinitix also supports crypto money in all leading fiat currencies such as USD, GBP, INR, etc. 
  • Best exchange rates: Coinitix enables commissions for its users. The platform supports crypto trading activities, making it a viable tool for brokers. The commission structure of Coinitix is designed to provide the best exchange rates for all transactions. There are no hidden fees, and the users end up making profits on every transaction. 
  • Agile services: The data verification process on Coinitix is fast. The platform consistently delivers faster payouts. These services are powered by high-speed data processing and instant data verification algorithms. 
  • Real-time customer support: A team of experts helps Coinitix users 24/7. This dedicated team also offers multilingual support and stays in touch with users via email or live chat.
  • Automation: All backend services are entirely automated to ensure zero manual errors on Coinitix. From quick onboarding to instant payouts, the platform is fully automated. 
  • Licensed software: The Coinitix platform is regulated under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Republic of Estonia. It is licensed under Virtual Currency Service Estonia Reg. No. FVR001498. 

These features and services make Coinitix a sought-after cryptocurrency exchange for people. For more information on these features, visit the Coinitix website.


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