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Importance of Cryptocurrency Bots for Trading Practices
Cryptocurrency Bots and Their Significance for Trading Practices

Cryptocurrency, as a financial asset, is very volatile in nature. We know the daily upheaval that rocks the prices of digital coins. This volatility is something that investors try to control to make more money; however, the limitation of time and efforts keep them from making optimal decisions every day. Cryptocurrency Bots And this is […]

Bitcoin: A Virtual Currency, and Still a Confusion
Bitcoin: A Virtual Currency, and Still a Confusion

Bitcoin is currently the most popular cryptocurrency, but the percentage of people using it for making daily transactions is negligible. Even financial institutions shun it and do not offer products that cater to the cryptocurrency market. Thus, Bitcoin, which is worth thousands of dollars, is not traded on the world markets. Bitcoin price has slumped […]

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Element AI Open to Forming More Partnerships With South Korean Firms
Element AI Open to Forming More Partnerships With South Korean Firms

Canadian Artificial Intelligence (AI) start-up Element AI has said that it wants to work with more South Korean firms to help them adopt its cutting-edge technology. Element AI provides software solutions integrated with AI. It was co-founded in 2016 by AI Authority and Professor Yoshua Bengio. Element AI seeks to merge theory and practice by […]

JPMorgan invests in financial research startup Limeglass
JP Morgan Invests in Financial Research Analysis Firm Limeglass

JP Morgan, which earlier admitted financial research firm Limeglass into it’s in residence program for incubating promising start-ups, has now bought a stake in the firm. Head of Transformation & Implementation for sales and research at JP Morgan, Hussein Malik said, “We are continuously investing in technology to help deliver industry-leading content and to help […]

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