Want to Buy Your First Bitcoin? Here’s All You Need to Know

Things to Know Before Buying Your First Bitcoin


Bitcoin is a new term and is steadily going mainstream. The big breakthrough came in 2020 when it became the fastest-growing financial asset in the world. Today, Bitcoin holds a valuable investment opportunity for people around the world. Everyone seems interested in buying this cryptocurrency. However, before buying Bitcoin, there are some aspects that one should know. 

10 Things to Know Before Buying Your First Bitcoin

The following ten things are essential for buying the first Bitcoin (BTC) token. By understanding these ten aspects, one can buy their first Bitcoin securely and discover how it works. 

1 Bitcoin is Volatile

For starters, Bitcoin cryptocurrency is volatile. The value of Bitcoin moves aggressively in the market. There have been instances where BTC price reached an all-time high within hours after experiencing a significant low in the past year. This fluctuating behavior makes the market movement of Bitcoin unpredictable and erratic. 

2 Verify if Bitcoin Is Legal in Your Country

All countries are yet to regulate and legalize the use of Bitcoin. In advanced and developed economies such as the UK, the US, Canada, Japan, and China, the use of Bitcoin is legal. However, several other countries do not consider BTC coins as a legit currency. Hence, it is crucial to verify if your government has legally approved and accepted Bitcoin or not. 

3 Learn About Security Before Buying Bitcoin

The security program for Bitcoin is built on blockchain technology. Evey BTC asset gets stored in two locations, offline or online. The online storage or the hot storage is protected by end-to-end data encryption. The offline storage or the cold storage is protected by multi-layered firewall protection. Similarly, Bitcoin transactions are also safeguarded by blockchain technology. It is vital for every Bitcoin owner not to disclose the public key and the private key to access their Bitcoin. 

4 How and Where to Buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin can be bought in several ways. For starters, one can purchase Bitcoin on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Gemini and Coinbase. Besides these exchanges, there are decentralized online platforms that offer P2P trading and direct selling of Bitcoin. The process of buying the first Bitcoin is simple. After registering a user account, the user can link a debit card, a credit card, or a crypto-friendly bank account to make the payment for buying Bitcoin. The purchased Bitcoin is then stored in a crypto wallet linked to the account. Apart from that, if you want to buy Bitcoin just want to make a profit from it, then check out Bitcoin Pro Platform. Read its review to know more about this amazing platform.

5 Get a Wallet Before Storing Bitcoin

This brings us to the central aspect, having a crypto wallet account. A cryptocurrency wallet is like an e-wallet where one can store and make Bitcoin transactions. The Bitcoin wallet records every data related to these transactions, which is essential for every user. 

6 Learn Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin can be traded among peers for making instant profits. As the price of Bitcoin fluctuates, traders can make transactions to buy or sell Bitcoin and make margin profits. Bitcoin trading is currently a great way of making instant profits. 

7 Where You Can Use Bitcoin?

Only a handful of institutions and retail businesses are accepting Bitcoin as payment methods. Meanwhile, online casinos and other digital businesses are openly accepting Bitcoin to make payments. The use of Bitcoin stays limited in the current business landscape. 

8 Research Where Bitcoin Is Accepted

It is important to understand where the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is accepted. Some platforms do not accept Bitcoin cryptocurrency, while some accept only Bitcoin payments. Doing simple research makes it easy to find out the policies of places that accept Bitcoin money. 

9 Bitcoin Transactions Cannot Be Cancelled

One of the most important aspects of Bitcoin is that its transactions are non-cancellable. They cannot be canceled or refunded due to some technical errors. Hence, the user must be prudent while buying or selling Bitcoin. 

10 Know About Bitcoin Tax and Insurance

Bitcoin is currently exempted from taxes in most countries, including the US. The volatile price movements of Bitcoin make it impossible to calculate taxes on the BTC wealth. However, this digital money can get insured easily. Several platforms offer insurance on the stored Bitcoin wealth to the users. 


All aspects considered, Bitcoin is a dynamic financial instrument. For first-time buyers, it may take a while to understand how Bitcoin works. While making the first Bitcoin transactions, the above aspects can come in handy. They can keep the owner of Bitcoin alert on various grounds where the BTC wealth may become risky. In the future, these aspects are likely to incur changes, making Bitcoin transactions a bit simpler and more secure than today.


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