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IPC Invests in Greenkey Technologies, the Creator of Natural Language Processing Workflows for the Financial Markets

Leading global provider of secure and compliant communications and networking solutions, IPC has made a strategic investment in GreenKey Technologies (GK). The pioneers of natural language processing workflows for the financial markets have been developing machine learning voice technologies for the future. This move grants exclusive rights to IPC and combines GreenKey Technologies’ advanced markets […]

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Ola’s Electric Car Arm Raises $56 Million

Indian taxi hailing outfit, Ola has secured an investment of $56 million for its electric car arm, according to an announcement today and will now devote itself to creating a realistic electric mobility infrastructure in the country. Ola is currently Uber’s main competitor in the country, and the electric mobility space is now the next […]

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Zomatos UAE Food Delivery Business Acquired by Delivery Hero of Germany
Zomato’s UAE Food Delivery Business Acquired by Delivery Hero of Germany for $172 Million

Zomato Media, which owns and runs the online food delivery business, will sell its United Arab Emirates (UAE) food delivery business to a Berlin-based company, Delivery Hero for 172 million dollars, information was revealed by Zomato’s largest shareholder Infor Edge (India) Limited, on Monday. Naspers backed Delivery Hero, and Zomato will sign up services agreements […]

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Tesla Cuts Price Of Its Model 3 Car Sedan
Tesla Cuts Price Of Its Model 3 Car Sedan

Electric Carmaker Tesla offered its Model 3 sedan for the public after being in the making for as many as 3 years at a price of $35,000. The sales of this car will be online-only to reduce the overhead costs and also to increase the demand for its electric vehicle. Speaking on a conference call, […]

Germanys Trade Surplus
Germany’s Trade Surplus Exceeds Japan and Russia’s in 2018

As per a report, the foreign trade surplus of Germany extended a year ago, another report found, surpassing that of Japan, as disturbances in the global trade of merchandise and enterprises influenced the two economies in various ways. Germany’s strong execution and tight spending arrangements, combined with narrowing GDP development, are presently fuelling desires for […]

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