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CFD Trading
How Much Do CFD Traders Earn?

There is a massive range of potential earnings when it comes to trading CFDs. It is possible to manage to pull out the money from the market each month through trading. There are all kinds of traders like the ones who can make a lot of money and the ones who are not able to […]

China To Amend Belt And Road Scheme To Reduce Criticism

China is promoting a tweaked version of the Belt and Road program that Beijing had starting in a bid to reduce the criticism it is facing as many believe that it can push many countries participating in this initiative into debt. Many are also unhappy with the lack of transparency, and there is a concern […]

World News
Careem Networks FZ Ride Hailing Operations
Uber Conquers Middle-East with $3.1 Billion Acquisition of Careem

Uber’s hunger for domination of the global ride-hailing industry took another step in the right direction as the San Francisco based company made a major inroad into middle-east with the acquisition of rival Careem for $3.1 billion. The acquisition is particularly interesting since the company is going to have its blockbuster initial public offering this […]

World News
made in china
Chinese Smartphone Brands Offer New Features and Steal Apple’s Thunder

The economic slowdown in China and the decline in demand in the world’s biggest smart phone market may have hampered sales for many of the biggest manufacturers, but local companies are steadily chipping away at Apple’s dominance in the country. Chinese smart phone manufacturers are now making an all-out effort to offer customers in China […]

Consumer Recalls
Lyft’s IPO Oversubscribed

The initial public offering by Lyft Inc has been oversubscribed according to the commitments made until now by investors. This will probably help the popular ride-hailing startup fetch more than the $23 billion valuations it is looking for according to experts in the industry. This development is proof that investors are ready to ignore the […]

Oil Prices Remain Optimistic

On Monday, oil prices were pulled in opposite directions by the economic downturn and the supply cuts spearheaded by OPEC along with the U.S. sanctions against Venezuela and Iran. This resulted in mixed oil prices on Monday. Brent crude oil futures went up eight cents to $67.24 per barrel, which is not far off from […]

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