Deloitte’s Middle-East Arm Adds 1,200 New Staff Members

Deloitte’s Middle-East Arm Adds 1,200 New Staff Members

London-based globally reputed multinational professional services platform, Deloitte’s Middle-East arm has added another achievement to its credit with the addition of 1,200 new staff-members, thereby strengthening the core build-up of the organization.

The current fiscal year has been quite good for the leading firm as all its businesses and industries spread in every corner of the world showcased substantial growth. On the global parlance, the amount of Deloitte professionals rose by 9%, making the figures stand at a whopping number of more than 312,000. Deloitte, last month, revealed an approximate double-digit increase in aggregate global revenues which stood at US$46.2 billion for the fiscal year that ended on May 31, 2019. The rise indicated a 9.4% revenue surge in local currency and a US$3 billion rise in comparison to last year’s figures. The predominant rise in the revenues placed the firm as the biggest of the Big Four, and also the firm’s EMEA division showed an increase of 7.9 percent, together with Europe and Africa.

Omar Fahoum, part of Deloitte Middle East arm, stated that

Our FY2019 results are a validation of Deloitte’s strategy to deliver high-quality, globally consistent service to our clients while continuing to serve the public interest.

He also added that

We evolved and innovated our offerings to address current and emerging client needs, and we increased our investments in learning and development to build a workforce with deep knowledge, capabilities, and leading-edge insights.

During the interaction, Fahoum highlighted Deloitte’s state-of-the-art Digital Centre unveiled in Riyadh earlier this month. The strategic launch of the platform has led to Deloitte’s Digital remarkable entry into the Middle East domain as it stands strong as a representation of its local growth plans and commitment towards the region. With the addition of 1,200 fresh recruits from the local territory among the widescale recruitment of over 90,000 candidates globally.

Deloitte Middle East’s Talent and Communications Partner Rana Salhab, “Our focus is unwavering on diversity and inclusion, and advancement of women to leadership positions in the firm.” She further stated that

In the last year, 51 percent of the interns joining the Deloitte Middle East Tadarab program were women, and women formed close to thirty five percent of experienced and graduate hires from across the region. We have strategies and programs to increase the number of women in our leadership ranks throughout the organization, with close to 20 percent of our senior management to partner positions being currently held by women.

While talking about the future, Fahoum stated that he foresees a workforce of more than 3,000 across the 15 countries in the region. He later added that

Deloitte’s success is driven, in part, by our alliance relationships with many of the world’s most powerful and innovative companies that help our clients solve their most complex problems, shape new markets, and create sustainable value.

Recently, Deloitte garnered negative attention when it faced a backlash of the regulators at a disciplinary tribunal in London. The firm was accused by the regulators for not fulfilling the required standards while auditing the tech firm’s Autonomy. The prime accused in the tribunal was Richard Knights, who audited the accounts on behalf of Deloitte.


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