WHO Cautions Against Despair as World Clocks 20M Coronavirus Cases

WHO Cautions Against Despair as World Clocks 20M Coronavirus Cases

The coronavirus pandemic, it seems, leaves no stone unturned to give us one shocking news after another. On Monday, a horrific milestone came into limelight as the world crossed 20 million cases of infection from the tiny virus that has stalled healthy life in every inch of the planet. As per the latest reports, the number of infections has crossed 20 million, with as many as 733,842 deaths. The most depressing information to come to the forefront is that the death toll would easily pass the 750,000 mark in just a few days as the global health crisis refuses to die down. People have now started to accept the new ‘normal’ as one will come across people wearing face masks in the tourist posts of Paris or on the Copacabana Beach in Rio. Despite all these hurting and depressing facts and figures, the World Health Organization or WHO has managed to put up a brave face and urged people not to despair.

The WHO chief has admitted that the statistics are a harsh reminder of the pain and suffering people are going through each day, but he is sure that there are hopes and one should cling on to them for a better future. After all, it is never late to turn around the crisis. The glimmering hope is that countries like New Zealand and Rwanda have successfully arrested the spread of Coronavirus infection. The Oceania nation has gone further to announce that it plans to launch a travel bubble with the Cook Islands.

As the world is caught in a quagmire of outbreaks, containment zones, and lengthy lockdowns, all eyes are yearning for the 1st vaccine. WHO has estimated that a whopping 165 candidates are working overtime worldwide to bring out a vaccine. Three of these have reached the 3rd phase of clinical evaluation. However, deep inside our heart, we all know that vaccine is only a small part of the answer as diseases like polio and measles have not been fully eradicated although vaccines exist for them.


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