Blockchain Consulting Company BlockchainArmy’s Erol User Pitches for Space Waste Management


Innowave Summit 2019 is one of the most talked-about and anticipated events that witness the participation of many fin-tech industry big-wigs. Speaking at the Summit, Chairman and Co-founder of BlockChainArmy Erol User, emphasized the need to use blockchain technology for the management of space debris. Putting out a strong message, User said that it is high time to save our space from further mismanagement and calls for a comprehensive and holistic strategy for waste management in space.

Clarion Call

The top honcho urged the government organizations, private institutions, corporate world, and other allied stakeholders to become a part of save our space (S.O.S) campaign. This campaign has been getting traction around the globe, with many big names coming together for achieving desirable results on space waste management.

The focus of User’s address is to have a sustainable future development in space. As countries across the globe are exploring the space for different purposes, it becomes imperative that this exploration will not turn out to be exploitation. User said that we need to explore the space in a manner that supports innovations, but at the same time, this exploration must remain within the bounds of sustainability. The world must start looking at space waste management now so that in the future, we will able to continue with our innovation and exploration practices in space.

Tremendous Response

The speech found resonance with participants, as many felt that sustainable waste management practices in the space are required for the well-being of the overall environment. If we miss the chance of getting our act together now, then probably it will be too late in the future.

It’s indeed surprising that for a long time, we haven’t got any specific and concrete plan in the direction of managing the waste in the space. The intensity with which the chairman of BlockChainArmy has taken it at the summit is worth appreciating and will help to save our environment from further degradation.


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