BlockchainArmy Participates in Convergence 2019, The Global Blockchain Congress


BlockchainArmy, a familiar name in the world of blockchain, that offers solutions in blockchain to various industries, participated in the recently held Convergence Blockchain Congress from November 11 to 13, 2019. The global blockchain consulting company took part in the event as a founding member of the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA). The event holds great importance for the major players of the blockchain industry as many stakeholders in blockchain, a large fraternity of blockchain companies, as well as those interested in this technology, come together to hold dialogue and discussions on the changing dynamics, future innovations, and applicability of the technology.

BlockchainArmy at Convergence 2019, The Global Blockchain Congress

The conference was a result of the joint efforts of the European Commission, INATBA, EU Blockchain Observatory, and Forum and was organized earlier this month in Alastria, in Málaga, Spain. It saw the presence of industry leaders, government influencers, regulators and policymakers, social impact representatives from all over the world, and several aspects of innovations, solutions, future potential, wider adoption, and acceptance were discussed. The event witnessed several workshops, hackathons, presentations being held with over 1500 participants, and global leaders like Roberto Viola, Olivier Guersent, Julie Maupin, Silvio Micali, Samia Melhelm, Lee Brenner, Gerard de Graaf, and several others graced the event.

Among the many leaders, the President and the Co-founder of BlockchainArmy Erol User and Ali Sina User respectively, were also present, where they spoke about their vision and shared their insights in the INATBA official meets. They said,

“Convergence aimed to bring together a worldwide community of regulators, policymakers, industry influencers, C-suite and other corporate representatives, developers, researchers and entrepreneurs for intense dialogue. It offers participants a chance to take part in direct discussion with the movers and shapers of the blockchain industry, and thereby help define not just the future of blockchain but the next-generation internet and the digital economy.”

Their blockchain consulting company BlockchainArmy has already made its mark in this highly dynamic industry, having made its presence felt in various sectors like finance, healthcare, agriculture, energy, space debris management, etc. The company has its headquarters in Istanbul and Rotterdam City, and its team is spread across more than 20 countries. Its primary objective is to provide “premium blockchain consulting services,” and its clients can avail both regional and global representation. It is a creation and capital advisory company and offers cost-effective solutions to its clients in blockchain technology and broker-dealer capabilities in diverse areas like government solutions, taxation, and supply-chain management, among others. The company follows a turn-key approach to an ITO and helps its clients in dealing with the complex process of a whitepaper, explainer-video, and funding websites by simplifying it. With its consulting, transformation, role in development, and tokenization services, BlockchainArmy has immense potential in taking the blockchain dream forward and has already created a niche for itself.


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