Malta Digital Exchange Shifts its Operations to Malta Stock Exchange Site

The main motive of Malta Digital Exchange was to boost effectiveness and thereby, make use of a trading system that is blockchain-based to reduce the costs. The exchange is planning to integrate the complete spectrum of services offered by the exchange which will consist of settlement, listing, be in charge of AML/KYC and processes, execution, security, clearing, custody, and digital identity management.

On March 5th the Times of Malta said that MDX is planning to launch a new digital exchange division before which it is shifting its operations to Malta Stock Exchange building. This relocation shows how committed MDX is to construct the world’s leading security token and virtual monetary asset exchanges at the monetary epicenter of one of the blockchain sovereignty that is the advanced-thinking type. In order to promote a multilateral trading platform, MDX is under the procedure to obtain a license for security. To trade crypto assets this multilateral platform will be introducing a secondary market.

Rink Klink, the executive chairman and founder of MDX said that the relocation to Maltese Stock Exchange will mean that they are positioned physically now “to be at the heart of the next wave of institutional financial innovation.” As defined by Malta’s Virtual Financial Assets Act, the MDX will make it possible for virtual financial assets to be traded under regulation.

It was recommended by the International Monetary Fund in the company’s Financial System Stability Assessment Report that in order to govern blockchain and digital currency service providers, additional resources should be employed. The report also showed there was a necessity of screening processes that will elevate beneficiary owner details and to monitor the accounts that are vulnerable, which includes latest technologies such as crypto assets, IIP-related funds, and e-gaming.

Paritech’s Parichain technology is a major global cryptocurrency company that was created for high capacity B2B clients, and this company will be leveraged by MDX. Paritech concentrates and is an expert in developing and integrating a share market brokerage system that is of low cost and low touch. The MDX founder and Rick Klink found Australia’s biggest unconventional trading platform and Paritech together by trading volume of more than AU$50 billion each year.

A couple of legal companies and financial firms reported to the Times of Malta in March that when they applied to open accounts, banks declined the applications. The banks did not look at cryptocurrency and blockchain differently as per reported by the sources even though they both were not all the time interlinked.


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