MarketInvoice Changes Its Name to MarketFinance, Launches New Business Loan Product

MarketInvoice Changes Its Name to MarketFinance

Leading company MarketInvoice has changed its name to MarketFinance here on Tuesday. The company has also launched a new business loan product starting from today.

The latest product is meant for loans with a limit of £250,000 over a period of three years. The company is also expected to scale to facilities worth over £1m in the forthcoming months.

The move is likely to put MarketFinance in direct competition with several alternative business lenders beginning from Esme Loans up to OakNorth on the more gigantic tickets.

The fintech lender provides many lending products in an integrated single view. MarketFinance has earlier offered more than £2.6bn in funding and now provides business loans, corporate lending, and invoice finance.

The launch of the latest division MarketFinance Corporate Solution will extend its crucial support to the underserved growth business.

Anil Stocker, co-founder and CEO at MarketFinance said,

“Moving to our new name, MarketFinance, recognises the journey we have been on since 2011.”

It precisely displays the vast lending options the company offers businesses now and those the company will introduce to the market in the coming time, he stressed.

Anil Stocker also divulged that the company’s business loans have already started gaining traction with present and new customers.

He asserted that the company is serving several businesses with its corporate solutions team and introduced swift growth towards providing a single view all across the many live finance facilities.

The company now strives to bring more products to the business finance market in the forthcoming years, added Anil Stocker.


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