Swiss Government Donate $70,000 for Humanitarian Causes in North Korea

Swiss Government Donate $70,000 for Humanitarian Causes in North Korea

As per reports, the Switzerland government announces to contribute $70,000 to North Korea for the humanitarian causes. The donation will be made through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

SDC is actively working in North Korea for noble causes like providing safe and clean drinking water, food, and farming assistance. Additionally, Switzerland has donated a sum of $6.2 million to North Korea until now in 2019. After South Korea, Switzerland is the second biggest donator to North Korea for humanitarian assistance.

Earlier in June, the South Korean government has donated $8 million to N. Korea. The donations were made under the United Nation’s assistance projects that are focused on uplifting the quality of life in the nation. On top of that, Seoul has also provided aid of $1 million to the World Food Programme, in the same month.


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