Two Members Promoted While Infosys is Hunting For Top Talent Inside the Company


Infosys head of media, communication and technology business, Anand Swaminathan has been promoted to Executive Vice President (EVP) and has also mentioned Ashish Dash for global head of energy and utility post, person familiar with the matter informed ET, the largest IT Company of the country is still searching for talented people to refill the top positions.

When former CEO Vishal Sikka’s tenure ended in August 2017, there was a lot of disturbance in the Infosys environment. The company lost many of its executive vice presidents; most of these vice presidents had joined the company after Vishal Sikka left from the post of CEO of Infosys. Salil Parekh, who has been appointed as the new CEO of Infosys mentioned that he had not thought of getting new talents from outside and Infosys had substantial management bench strengths.

Global head of energy and utilities was earlier handled by Sudip Singh; Sundip Singh resigned from Infosys and now is the current CEO of ITC Infotech. Sudip Singh will be replaced by Dash who has been working with Infosys for almost 23 years.

The appointment of Ashiss Dash was done in February after Singh had resigned from the post and Swaminathan was appointed as the Executive Vice President (EVP) in January. Many people had resigned from their EVP post before and even after Sikka resigned and this made the Infosys refill the empty bench, Infosys executive informed to ET.

On LinkedIn, a popular professional networking site, the profile of Swaminathan shows that he has been elevated to the Executive Vice President and head of Global Industry- Communications, Media and Technology services.

Earlier ET had mentioned that Infosys had obtained an independent telecom unit in 2018 so as to improve the profit on the IT that they had invested in global telecom companies.

The annual strategy session of Infosys was held in Goa at the end of last month, and they had mostly considered on Infosys progress in obtaining digital targets, on the matter, the emphasized on the need of expanding its employee base in the United States and also increasing the large deal teams of Infosys. The are looking to bulking up talents so as to acquire large deals and to do so, Infosys had hired the talent from outside the company executive.


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