Author: Benjamin Ricks

Brexit talks
Brexit talks with Brussels may re-open

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May is facing an unavoidable task of reopening the negotiations about Brexit with Brussels. The talks of Brexit has resurfaced again due to the backing of lawmakers in Westminster, proposing her to renegotiate the current deal. She is said to go to her European counterparts in the fore coming of days […]

Nasdaq CEO Says
Nasdaq CEO Says, Crypto Could Be The Global Currency Of Future

Enrouting to Davos, honorable Chief Executive Officer of Nasdaq, Adena Friedman said that the year 2019 would going to be a year of disruption and innovation. Cryptocurrencies could still be a global currency if the “tremendous demonstration of genius and creativity” finds practical utility. Pioneering, Followed by a Dose of Reality Just like others, Adena […]

US Chipmakers
US Chipmakers to give clues about China economic woes

Intel Corporation is not under the influence of Apple and thus its business report primarily from its market in China will have great significance for the investors and will set the tone for global economy in the coming week. Apple has already shocked the world with its most dismal revenue forecast in last 15 years […]

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