Author: Richard Wallis

Apple Shares Jump
Apple Shares Jump But iPhone Sales Drop by 15%

Apple recently reported the quarterly earnings for the month of December. The company met most of the projections except for the iPhone revenue. iPhone revenue came in a little below than the projection value. Below is a list of Wall Stree projected data on how the company will fair: EPS: $4.18, vs. $4.17 forecast by […]

World Economy Rankings 2019
World Economy Rankings 2019: India Likely to Beat UK

PwC the global consultancy firm submitted its economic rankings for the year 2019 and said that India is likely to surpass England in the economic rankings. The report further added that the projected GDP growth for India was much better than France and the UK. The UK had projected GDP growth of 1.6, France 1.7 […]

The US Gets To Watch
The US Gets To Watch Super Blood Wolf Moon

Sky gazers in North America got a celestial treat this Sunday as they got to see the moon eclipse and turn blood red. There were many places where the weather got too cold and played spoilsport, skywatchers at the Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles got the best view of the full lunar eclipse which turned reddish-orange […]

No US Delegation
No US Delegation to Davos World Economic Forum

The United States President has decided not to send any delegation to the annual World Economic Conference that is being held in Davos, Switzerland. The President took this decision in the wake of the ongoing government shutdown. Sarah Sander who is the press secretary released a statement saying ‘Out of consideration for the 800,000 American […]

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