BlockchainArmy Chairman & Co-founder Erol User Graces UN Geneva Meeting

Erol User Graces UN Geneva Meeting

Erol User, the globally acclaimed business personality and pioneer of leading blockchain platform BlockchainArmy, made his noteworthy presence at the UN Geneva meeting organized by the ONUART Foundation to bring blockchain technology to the list of UN 2020 Agenda.

The significant event witnessed an elite gathering of politicians and institutional heads including Ex-Prime Minister of Spain Mr. Jose Louiz Rodriguez Zapatero, Ex-Minister of Pakistan Mr. Shaukat Aziz, the honorable President of World Public Welfare Organization Mr. Che Fu, the President of Onuart Foundation Mr. Juan Antonio March, Philosopher Kenneth Pushkin, and several other eminent personalities.

During the event, Erol User shared a glimpse of his thoughts on the potential of blockchain technology and AI in modern times. The blockchain consulting company BlockchainArmy leader started his speech by bragging about the widescale proliferation of blockchain technology in various industrial domains. He said that the technology which only satiated the requirements of crypto enthusiasts in the past has today evolved as a technological arena that has the potential to revolutionize the global economy. He explained the advantages of using blockchain technology in an array of domains by citing examples and statements of industry leaders.

Erol glorified the role of blockchain technology in the field of finance by saying that the finance industry has witnessed a major impact after the introduction of blockchain. He added that the banking industry had shown a keen interest in the adoption of blockchain technology as it has realized the unprecedented benefits the new-age technology is likely to offer the banking sector.

The decentralized system allows the transfer of big amounts at negligible costs and also helps in storing transaction data in a secured manner. The spearhead added that blockchain could add an element of security towards the movement of funds pooled in for charity and social purposes.

The BlockchainArmy leader shared his views on the potential changes which blockchain technology can bring for the betterment of the healthcare industry as a whole. Erol highlighted that by putting all the health-related facts and figures of a patient’s medical history on the blockchain network, the hospitals could streamline the procedures involved in a patient’s checkup.

He explained that,

Blockchains provides several opportunities to make all this happen. Better yet, with the right technology, your medical information will be readily available but only with your permission, meaning it will be more protected on a blockchain that it is today.

The honorable Chairman gave a special mention about IBM’s statement, where the software tech giant applauded the high-grade security feature of blockchain technology.

According to Erol, blockchain technology has a major role to play in the field of data protection and storage in the coming years. He stated that the technology could be used in carrying out the election process in a fair manner as it will restrain any alteration in the results. Storage of confidential data, sensitive government information, etc. can all be facilitated by blockchain technology.

Erol said that one of the chief reasons for the global success of blockchain technology is the assurance of quality to the end-users. The products listed on the blockchain network offer quality assurance and thereby helps in the differentiation of original and duplicates.

BlockchainArmy Chairman & Co-founder Erol User

He exclaimed that,

Car manufacturers can register all their vehicles on a blockchain which could help create complete transparency for second-hand sales. Also, food companies can use blockchains to paint a clear picture of exactly how and where a product was created.

In the end, Erol gave a special mention to, which serves as a leading blockchain-pegged media company. He affirmed that with the integration of media and blockchain, the public would only be exposed to real information.

Being the leader of a global blockchain firm, Erol User has always advocated the importance of blockchain technology in the flourishment of the industrial space. In his speech, he made clear that soon blockchain technology will become an indispensable part of our daily lives.


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