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US Chipmakers
US Chipmakers to give clues about China economic woes

Intel Corporation is not under the influence of Apple and thus its business report primarily from its market in China will have great significance for the investors and will set the tone for global economy in the coming week. Apple has already shocked the world with its most dismal revenue forecast in last 15 years […]

Oil soars high
Oil soars high as China signals truce with the US

2019 has started at a great pace for oil as it has gained 18 percent since the beginning of January especially after a freefall in 2018. Oil rose to a new high in last two months on the hopes the trade dispute between two largest economies of the world will be over as China has […]

No US Delegation
No US Delegation to Davos World Economic Forum

The United States President has decided not to send any delegation to the annual World Economic Conference that is being held in Davos, Switzerland. The President took this decision in the wake of the ongoing government shutdown. Sarah Sander who is the press secretary released a statement saying ‘Out of consideration for the 800,000 American […]

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