Instant Transfer of Funds to Bank Accounts Made Possible Using Paypal Now

Instant Transfer of Funds to Bank Accounts

PayPal will introduce an Instant Transfer feature in the United States, allowing users to instantly move funds received to their registered bank accounts. This feature will be first rolled out for the United States users right now, with businesses to get this feature in coming weeks and international roll out in the near future. PayPal has been a pioneer in developing state of the art features to attract new user bases. In today’s gig economy, workers have shown increasing acceptance of PayPal’s quick and safe user environment. PayPal helps millions of users across the world to work together and collaborate without worrying about getting payed as soon as possible.

The firm already offers an Instant Transfer option to debit cards linked with user accounts. The payments firm has also targeted the business niche with a Funds Now gives option to enable businesses around the world to access the revenue generated through completed sales instantly upon confirmation.

The firm’s Chief Operating Office, Bil Ready was reported saying, “Getting faster access to money is becoming more and more critical for most people, especially as the global workforce is evolving and an increase in less traditional and more entrepreneurial jobs means people have potentially less stable and more variable incomes.” Faster access to money will facilitate users to cover unforeseen expenses and emergencies, helping to stay on track with their bills and avoid meaningless late fees. For businesses of all sizes, small, medium and large, instant access to usable money will enable them to recruit more, stock up on inventory, decreasing the reinvestment cycle and enabling faster investment of money into their business ultimately helping them better manage their cash flows.

The feature is expected to give PayPal a competitive edge against banks and young payments start-ups such as Stripe, Square and other emerging players in the payments market worldwide. Instant transfer feature has been made possible in part by a strategic partnership with global financial institution JP Morgan Chase. JP Morgan has provided PayPal with access to their real-time payments network built by The Clearing House, a platform established by major financial leaders to work together to innovate faster and reliable payment networks. With the instant transfer to debit card service registering billions of transaction till date, PayPal is set to compete in the global payments market with this new addition of instant transfer to all bank accounts.


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