Author: Sandra Kinsey

White House Stresses upon Approving $1 Trillion Infrastructure Boost

No nation should be complacent to not focus on infrastructure, whether it is developed or developing. The same way the United States also has been demanding a boost in its infrastructure expenditure. The White House on Monday issued a statement stating that it wanted the Congress to consider and pass legislation to boost U.S. infrastructure […]

Electricity Blackout Strikes Venezuela

The long-standing crisis in Venezuela further aggravated as it was stricken by an electricity blackout. A major power failure happened in the Nation’s capital Caracas city, and the whole city was pushed into darkness Thursday night. It later extended to many other places of Venezuela. As per some local media houses, almost 18 out of […]

UK Jobs Data Showing Pre-recession Signals

As the whole world is anticipating a slowdown or a recession-like situation in the coming time, every country is preparing itself on its standards to mitigate the effects. The scenario in the United Kingdom is no different. As per a new study in the United Kingdom, the past trend of job creation and destruction has […]

Monsoon and Oil: India’s Two Economic Indicators

In the times when almost all emerging, as well as developed nations, are worried about a potential recession, India’s expectation of growth in GDP is much talked of. In a recent interview, India’s minister of state for civil aviation said that India’s economy is “well positioned” for showing a decent growth as factors like government […]

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