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Turns Moderator at Bosphorus Summit
BlockchainArmy Chairman & Co-founder Erol User Turns Moderator at Bosphorus Summit

Blockchain consulting company BlockchainArmy’s Chairman & Co-founder Erol User recently graced the elite gathering of the Bosphorus Summit as a moderator. The renowned business personality shared his views on the impact of the blockchain revolution on the financial industry domain and earned great appreciation from the eminent personalities present in the highly anticipated event. The […]

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Blockchain and Education at Aydin University
BlockchainArmy Chairman Erol User Speaks on Blockchain and Education at Aydin University

Erol User, the chairman and co-founder of blockchain consulting company BlockchainArmy, spoke at length about blockchain and education at Istanbul Aydin University. Aydin University agreed to use blockchain in education and build a blockchain academy. The recent event was graced by noted personalities from several countries, including Italy, Greece, Israel, and Pakistan. The VIP attendees […]

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Erol User Enthralled Greek Business Fraternity
BlockchainArmy Chairman and Co-founder Erol User Enthralled Greek Business Fraternity

At a meeting in SporosPlatform in Hyptia mansion, blockchain consulting company BlockchainArmy’s Chairman and co-founder Erol User captivated the attendees by his impressive perspective on blockchain technology and its inseparable role to alter the circular economy into the progressive new ecosystem. This meet was attended by global players across the world including, corporates, ministers, and […]

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BlockchainArmy Participates in Convergence 2019, The Global Blockchain Congress

BlockchainArmy, a familiar name in the world of blockchain, that offers solutions in blockchain to various industries, participated in the recently held Convergence Blockchain Congress from November 11 to 13, 2019. The global blockchain consulting company took part in the event as a founding member of the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA). The […]

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Blockchain Consulting Company BlockchainArmy’s Erol User Pitches for Space Waste Management

Innowave Summit 2019 is one of the most talked-about and anticipated events that witness the participation of many fin-tech industry big-wigs. Speaking at the Summit, Chairman and Co-founder of BlockChainArmy Erol User, emphasized the need to use blockchain technology for the management of space debris. Putting out a strong message, User said that it is […]

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BlockchainArmy Founder, Erol User, Speaks About Space Debris and Blockchain at Cryptofin, Estonia

The collision of debris—a hindrance to space crafts Erol User was spoken about how the tremendous amount of space garbage keeps orbiting around the earth. The debris of old dumped satellites, huge metal pieces, including all sizes, could collide with the orbiting artificial satellites and space crafts; it could be detrimental to future space programs. […]

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