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Service Sector New Home Sales Picks Up In The US
Service Sector, New Home Sales Picks Up In The US

The United States Commerce Department released data which shows that there was an increase in new home sales and reached its highest since May 2018. It reported that there was a rise of 3.7% and about 621,000 homes were sold this year. The housing data sales can change quickly, and hence it is released on […]

Bank of Korea Holds Interest Rates Amid Growth Uncertainties
Bank of Korea Holds Interest Rates Amid Growth Uncertainties

A slowdown in the global economic growth and the consequent declining exports has been a problem for most countries over the past few months. In this regard, South Korea has been no exception, and as the growth has stalled, the country’s central bank decided to hold interest rates in order to boost growth. According to […]

HSBC Profits Disappoint
HSBC Profits Disappoint as China and UK Challenges Bite

HSBC Holdings recently reported that profits fell well below the analysts’ estimates and has forecasted a gloomy outlook for the current year, as the banking giant’s stock went on a freefall. The bank stated that the less than impressive performance was down to higher expenditure and its stock price that had taken massive hits. However, […]

How Danny Meyer changed the restaurant industry?

Daniel Meyer a New York City restaurateur and also the Chief Executive Officer of the Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG), he is considered as one of the mightiest people in the food-service industry. But he didn’t reach that prestigious place without raising some questions against long-established rules. He also took some high risks throughout his […]

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