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BlockchainArmy Joins UN Project BSIC
BlockchainArmy Joins UN Project BSIC to Create Social Impact Through Blockchain

BlockchainArmy is a premier blockchain consulting firm having a presence in 20+ countries across the globe. The company operates from its headquarter in Istanbul and Rotterdam City and has been involved in offering blockchain services to the companies operating in diverse business domains. Now in their latest venture, BlockchainArmy has joined hands with the United […]

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Mitsubishi Fires Oil Trader for Placing Unauthorized Trades
Mitsubishi Fires Oil Trader for Placing Unauthorized Trades

Over the course of the history of the financial industry, there have been hundreds of instances in which rogue traders have gone on to incur huge losses for having made unauthorized trades. In the past few decades, the instances of such conduct have reached remarkable levels at some of the biggest financial trading institutions in […]

Facilitate your trading with smart solutions from Trade99

Trade99 is one of the most popular trading platforms around the globe. It not only offers you a wide range of trading instruments to choose from but also make the trading experience more convenient by offering a number of trading applications. This facility allows traders to trade from the place and time of their choice, […]

Germany’s ThyssenKrupp Abandons Merger With Tata Steel

German conglomerate ThyssenKrupp on Friday said that it will no longer be considering a merger with India’s steel giant Tata but will look for a partner so that the company can continue its operations. The German giant will also cut more than 6000 jobs worldwide. It said that there were concerns from the European Commission […]

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British Defence Secretary Sacked Over Huawei Leak

One of the most startling reports that came out last week from out of the United Kingdom was the one that stated that the country was going to grant Chinese tech giant Huawei permission to build its 5G network. Considering the fact that United States had banned the company after alleging that it is a […]

profit drop since 2011
China‘s Economy Slowing & Industrial Profits Drop Since 2011

China has witnessed the slowest rate of expansions, and economic growth is slowing down since the beginning of the Year 2019 which is affecting many industries and businesses. The worst hit sectors were the Auto sector where the profits were down by 37.1 Billion Yuan and the profits of the oil processing industry were 31.7 […]

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