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Business Investment Plunges to 10 Year Lows Due to Brexit
Business Investment Plunges to 10 Year Lows Due to Brexit

Brexit is possibly the biggest political event in the modern history of the United Kingdom and over the past two years, it has been the reason behind the gloomy business climate in the country. In a fresh development, it has emerged that business investment in the UK is all set to be cut down this […]

Hong Kong Spends Billions
Hong Kong Spends Billions To Defend Currency Peg

Hong Kong’s currency hit the lower end of its trading band over the past week, thereby requiring intervention that ran to $700 million. However, analysts do not believe that the currency intervention round will be over anytime soon. In the past ten years, the liquidity measure has swung between HK$71 billion and HK$71 billion. This […]

UKs Debenhams Issues Profit Alert Amid Declining Sales
UK’s Debenhams Issues Profit Alert Amid Declining Sales

United Kingdom’s premier departmental store Debenhams is struggling to boost sales, and in development, that will come as a shock to investors, the company stated the profits for the upcoming year were not going to match analysts’ expectations. This trading update is a worrying sign since back on the 10th of January this year, Debenhams […]

Trade Conflict US And China Blink Close To Making A Deal
Trade Conflict: US And China Blink, Close To Making A Deal

A major trade deal is likely to happen in the ongoing trade war with the United States and China. The deal is likely to see both countries making concessions on the tariffs imposed. The US may stop all the tariffs if Beijing agrees for protecting America’s rights to Intellectual property and also if China pledges […]

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