Author: Richard Wallis

GE CEO All Set to be Grilled by Investors
GE CEO All Set to be Grilled by Investors

American corporate giant General Electric has been in the doldrums for many years now, and one of the biggest problems the company has experienced is the poor performance of its power plan business. However, once the current Chief Executive Officer Larry Culp took charge, there was widespread optimism that a turnaround was on the cards. […]

Chinas Soybean Demand Lowers by Swine Fever
China’s Soybean Demand Lowers by Swine Fever

As the United States and China are on the negotiations table, China has used soybeans as a bargaining tool for gaining leverage over the trade talks about pushing its electronics into the United States. As China has promised of importing more soybeans from the U.S., people still exclaim whether China has the capacity to take […]

Job Growth Slowed Down in the US
Job Growth Slowed Down in the U.S.

As the whole world is reeling under slowdown pressure, the United States is not immune to it. The most significant factor to check one economy’s health is Job Growth status. And, as per the recent statistics, job growth has stalled in the United States. The recent statistics show that only 20000 payrolls have been added […]

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